Web proxy and social networking services

Accessing to a social networking site such as Myspace, Youtube or Bebo from school or university through a web proxy is more and more popular but due to complexities of those sites, none of proxy scripts is almighty. I resume here compatibilities of each script for major social networking sites and their functions. This table being checked on February 10, 2008, if you find any discrepancies on compatibilities since then, please inform me. I will update the table or apply a patch to the scripts.

Phproxy Zelune Glype
Youtube video play nok icon nok icon ok icon
login ok icon ok icon ok icon
search ok icon ok icon ok icon
category ok icon nok icon ok icon
Myspace video play ok icon ok icon ok icon
login nok icon ok icon ok icon
search nok icon nok icon nok icon
Bebo video play ok icon ok icon ok icon
login nok icon nok icon ok icon
Orkut login nok icon nok icon ok icon
Friendster login nok icon nok icon ok icon

7 Responses to “Web proxy and social networking services”

  1. flsoft Says:

    Three versions of proxy scripts have benn added to our British proxy server, too.
    The urls are:
    Phproxy -> http://www.docoja.com/red
    Zelune -> http://www.docoja.com/gray
    Glype -> http://www.docoja.com/blue

  2. flsoft Says:

    After a site modification of Youtube, phproxy script can no more play its videos while I’ve found a fix for glype proxy script.

  3. flsoft Says:

    Two versions of proxy scripts are available for our Japanese proxy server.
    The urls are:
    Phproxy -> http://www.ijapan.org/red
    Glype -> http://www.ijapan.org/blue

  4. KAREN21 Says:

    why is not working get at me …..i need more webside ok

  5. justin Says:

    it didnt work i tried 6 different site and its all bullshit!!!!

  6. View Private MySpace Pictures Says:

    Awesome! looking forward to seeming some more entries from you..

  7. Dave Crompton Says:

    If I do manage to log onto MySpace with Glype or Zelune, I can’t send or reply messages. They don’t like us using MySpace where I work, they send emails out to us everytime someone tries, it’s really boring. So I need a proxy that actually works.


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